Palermo, from Arancina to Zuccata

dining-palermo-plaza-opera-02The legend holds that, irrespective of the time of the day, it is almost impossible not to find somewhere to have a bite in Palermo.

Lo Scudiero, just 50 metres away from the hotel, in front of the artists entrance of the Teatro Politeama, is surely considered one of the best restaurants in the city. It is fairly impossible for its traditional atmosphere and cuisine to let you down.
Acanto, in via Torrearsa, 50 metres away from the hotel in the opposite direction, is an elegant, yet relaxed alternative, where to mix at the bar with the locals for a drink after work, and then move to the restaurant area and have a delicious dish based on seasonal fish and vegetables.
Gigi Mangia, located in the lovely via Principe di Belmonte, a pedestrian street 200 metres away from the hotel, brings to your table the most effervescent creativity. The place is cosy, the chef unconventional and the dishes based on fresh produce delicious.
If you want to live a real Palermo experience, you must have lunch in one of the most typical trattorias of the city. If you do not feel like going too far from the hotel, try Da Pino, on the edge of Borgo Vecchio, but if you feel like taking a small walk, move towards the historical city centre and choose between the Vecchio Club Rosanero and the Ferro di Cavallo, to try home-made specialties like pasta aggrassata or arrosto alla Palermitana, sitting close to artists, the elderly of the neighbourhood and other "strangers" like you.
Bars and Gelaterias
Palermo is the world capital of ice cream and desserts, and you know it. If you are desriously intentioned to sin with gluttony without getting too far from the hotel, just walk to Antico Caffé Spinnato, in via Principe di Belmonte, a beautiful pedestrian street, to find cannoli, iris, setteveli cakes and the other thousand delicacies of Sicilian patisserie. If you wish to taste the most unforgettable ice cream, you just have to pick one between Brioscià, in via Mariano Stabile, or Cappadonia, in Piazzetta Bagnasco.
Street food
Let's face it: you cannot leave Palermo without at least once a panino con le panelle, or if you are strong enough, pane con la milza. Palermo food literature does not present a single view on which is the best place for street food, so we will provide you with three different options: the Antica Focacceria San Francesco, in the historical city centre, is by far and large the most suggestive place, with its XIX century appeal and the view over the Gothic-Renaissance church of San Francesco. Nni Franco U Vastiddaro, in piazza Marina, is the best in summer nights or sunny days, and serves the most delicious food. Nino U Ballerino, in Corso Finocchiaro Aprile, is the most authentic, and the one locals prefer.

We recommend...
The delicacies of the Cuochini are a secrets that only Palermitans know. This minuscule rotisserie shop is hidden in a courtyard in Via Ruggero Settimo and prepares a small number of specialties in tiny sizes, using very ancient recipes. The perfect lunch is on your feet, inside the courtyard, with a fried snack with anchovy and cherry tomato, another with pumpkin flowers, a butter arancina and a meat pie, featuring the same sweet shortcrust pastry used by the French monsu' in the XIX century.

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