Personal Shopper

I Love Shopping in Palermo


If you want to become an expert about shopping in Palermo, if you are looking for the perfect buy experience, if you want to make the most of your spare time during a business trip or you want to dedicate your holiday to a makeover, ask our Front Desk to fix an appointment with our professional Personal Shopper.

Itinerary 1, Personal Shopping

Have a true shopping consultant to take you to the most exclusive and appropriate shops for the item you are looking for, searching for the most authentic products of our city, making the most of your time and budget indications, or entrust her the task to make purchases for you.

Itinerary 2, Personal Stylist and Fashion Tour

Our expert will be your personal stylist and image consultant, supporting you in the purchase of clothing and accessories, giving you useful tips on how to enhance your image and taking you to the most exclusive and less touristic fashion and design shops. 

Fees / valid for both itineraries

2 hours _ € 60,00

half day _ €100,00

full day _ € 200,00

For further information and reservations: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The HotelSphere Events

Christmas concerts, from classical music to bossa nova, taking place from December 26 to January 6.
The solo exhibition of the Palermitan artist is open in Museo Civico Castelbuono, while Hotel Principe di Villafranca, a member of The HotelSphere hotel group, main sponsor of the Museum, hosts a sculpture by the artist until January 9.